Soundless Exit Live June 19th

We are absolutely delighted to welcome the talents of Soundless Exit to our beer garden sessions on Saturday June 19th from 3pm to 5pm.

As always the event is free to attend and you do not need to book a table. If the weather forecast is wet we will move the performance inside.

True Foxes Live Saturday June 12th

We welcome Penzance based duo True Foxes to our afternoon Beer Garden sessions on Saturday June 12th (Start 3pm)

True Foxes’ Are duo singer/songwriters from Penzance (Cornwall), Performing both original and cover material. They will provide the perfect atmosphere to sit and enjoy a cocktail with friends in the Cornish sunshine.

As always the event is free to attend and you do not need to book table.

Rosie Crow Live Saturday June 5th

We can’t wait to welcome Rosie Crow to our afternoon Beer Garden sessions on Saturday June 5th (Start time 3pm)

Rosie Crow is a dark-pop musician, vocalist and producer based in Cornwall. She has worked with artists as varied as Cyndi Lauper, Pete Wentz, Benny Blanco and Marcella Detroit.


As always you do not need to book to attend and the event is free.

Liam Jordan Live Sunday 2nd May

Live Beer Garden Session 2pm – 5pm

Saturday 24th April 2021

We will welcome the amazing talents of Liam Jordan to our beer garden sessions on Sunday 2nd May 2021

**The event is FREE to attend and you do not need to book a table but we advise you to arrive early**

<h4>Liam Jordan</h4>

Native to the rugged landscapes of Cornwall in the United Kingdom, Liam Jordan is an alt-rock artist who began his musical journey at a young age in school bands and later went solo, penning some of his first original material.

After many years of playing regular venue residencies and in folk clubs around the UK, Jordan set out to work on his first major release and self-titled debut album.

The release of the record in 2018 saw it’s lead single ‘ Tap at My Window’ get featured in Richer Unsigned’s ‘Best of 2018’ playlist in association with Q Magazine.

Shortly after playing Manchester Folk Festival, Jordan joined a roster of great Americana and folk artists, including Stephen Fearing (Blackie & The Rodeo Kings), Kyshona Armstrong and Lynn Hansen, with independant label Fish Records.

Fusing folk, country, gospel, rock with strong subject matter and powerful and emotive production, the album nods a respectful head to songwriting greats such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young.

“Liam Jordan’s debut album not only nails his colours to the mast as a certified talent, but just might be the first rung on his ascent to greatness. With a voice that sits between Jeff Tweedy and Jason Isbell, and with his own narrative framed in what would now be firmly coined as the landscape of Americana, it’s a rewarding debut. One to check out and keep a close eye on.” – Matt Owens (Noah And The Whale)

” A great new voice in Americana and folk music” – Tom Russell

Kate Plumtree Live Sat 8th May

Kate Plumtree will be bringing her energetic set of pop, rock, folk and blues to our Beer Garden Sessions on Saturday the 8th of May.

We recommend getting here early. You do not need to book a table and the event is free to attend.

Sit back, sip on a cocktail and enjoy the talents of Kate Plumtree!

Mog Jones & Louella Jade Eke Sat 24th April

Live Beer Garden Session 2pm – 5pm

We are extremely excited to welcome two of Cornwall’s hottest acts to The Vault Beer Garden Sessions. Mog Jones & Louella Jade Eke will be shaking the decks in the spring sunshine this Saturday, 24th April 2021. The event is FREE to attend.

*You Do Not Need To Book A Table but we advise you to arrive early**

Mog Jones

A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Cornwall releases her debut album later this month after starting off as an 11-year-old busker to get out of her mum’s hair.

Mog Jones, who has been performing for half of her 22 years, has progressed from playing her ukulele on the streets of St Ives as a kid to opening the Tunes In The Dunes festival later this year.

If the songs on her first album – released on March 19 – are anything to go by she could well be headlining festivals in time.

She describes the album as a mix of Britpop and country – two genres that don’t normally go hand in hand, but it’s easy to see what she means: 90s-indebted guitar riffs meet her southern fried vocals on tunes that are deep, raw and vert catchy.

Mog told Cornwall Live: “It’s very western rather than country – moody cowboy vibes. The song Oh Ringo is very cinematic and tells a story. That’s what I’ve tried to do throughout the album. Britpop and country don’t normally go together. It’s a wild blend.”

Delving deep into folk rock with an undeniable country twang, the album is a fantastic calling card for a popular, up-and-coming artist from Cornwall who hasn’t taken her foot off the gas since the get-go.

Louella Jade Eke

Has played many festivals around the country incuding; Glastonbury, Croissant Neuf, Wessex Folk Festival, Crediton Folk Festival, Guilfest, Tunes In The Dunes, Boardmasters, Beautiful Days, Off the Tracks and The Little Orchard Apple and Cyder Festival.

Louella Jade Eke has supported numerous global talents such as; The Levellers, Hein Cooper, The Deborah Bonham Band and Alabama 3.

Coffee Card Penzance

Yallah Coffee

We have now launched our coffee card. Pop into the Vault and pick one up. You simply need to purchase 3 cups of coffee and the 7th is on us! We serve Yallah coffee, probably the best beans in Cornwall. Serving Americano’s, Flat Whites, Cappuccinos and a selection of organic teas you really won’t find a better spot in town to sit back and relax.

Cakes and snacks

Here at the Vault we serve fresh cakes, flapjacks, triple chocolate brownies and Cornish cream teas. We always have Gluten Free and Vegan options and we also serve the award winning Burt’s crisps and the ever so tasty Mr Filberts nuts.

Single Origin

For us, single origin represents the pinnacle of quality, character, and traceability. It strips back coffee to it’s naked self. A traceable, tangible product that can be celebrated for its flavour, origin, and diversity. We source from the best and most sustainable farms we can find and roast delicately to ensure the natural flavours are allowed to shine.

Sustainably Sourced

Sustainably sourced coffee begins at the source. It starts with ensuring the coffee farmers are paid the right price for their coffee and that they invest in quality, fair and sustainable business practice. It also means placing a high value on how the coffee is grown, protection of the natural environment and working with growers who are doing what they can to reduce their impact on the planet.

Freshly Roasted

When it comes to flavour, freshness is key. Our roaster turns every day and we always mark a roasted date on our bags to ensure you know when it went through the drum. We aim to ship all orders within 24hrs, and always send coffee roasted within the last 5 days. When you open the bag, it’ll be ready to brew.

Gluten Free Food Penzance

penzance gluten free

Gluten Free Options

Here at the Vault we pride ourselves in offering Gluten Free Food to Penzance. We have a full tapas menu as well as big plates. Our comprehensive Gluten Free menu includes gluten free pasta, home made gluten free nachos, gluten free burgers, gluten free bread and a gluten free fish and chips. We also offer a range of Vegan and Vegetarian plates as well many of which are also Gluten Free.

A menu for everyone

One of our directors was diagnosed as a celiac a few years ago so we know the importance of food allergies, especially when it comes to Gluten and wheat free meals. Many of our gluten free plates can also be made vegan or lactose free by substituting with our locally sourced vegan cheese.

Book a table or call us for more information

Weather you’re looking for Gluten free food in Penzance, if you have a lactose intolerance or you follow a strict vegan diet, our kitchen is set up to cater for all with no cross contamination. If you would like to find out more or book a table please give us a call on 01736 691081.

We also have a number of Gluten Free dishes that can be vegetarian and vegan, there really are plates for all requirements. Its very hard to find Gluten Free beer in Penzance restaurants, but not here at the Vault, we stock the award winning Etsrella Daura, the worlds best Gluten Free beer, it tastes amazing.

When planning our food and drinks menu, I wanted to make sure we had something for those who can’t eat gluten. Having been diagnosed a celiac in 2017, I was shocked at how hard it was to find somewhere in Cornwall, let alone Penzance, that offered a substantial Gluten Free menu and Gluten Free beers. I am so pleased that we have been able to offer this to the town.

Ben (Director)

Please look why it is important for some to follow a Gluten Free Diet.

Penzance Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar in penzance

The Vault is the best cocktail bar in Penzance. With highly trained staff and mixologists, we offer a comprehensive cocktail menu with something for everyone. We take great pride in consistency with all that we do, and our penance cocktail are no different. No matter who you order your cocktail from it will taste amazing and look fantastic.

We want to impress with our cocktails, that’s why we have tweaked some classic recipes to give some of our cocktail and extra kick and some extra flavour. We use local products where we can, our Negroni is made with Caspyn Marmalade Gin to give it some extra flavour.

Penzance Cocktail Night

We run a Thursday cocktail night where you can buy any 2 cocktail for £14.00. The do not have to be the same you can mix and match and try them all. This runs along side our tapas and big plate menu with a host of gluten free, vegan and organic options.

Whether you are a local or just visiting the area, the Vault is the nest Penzance cocktail bar in town. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Cocktail Menu

Negroni: The three amigos, the the musketeers, the three stooges, proof that the best thins in life really do come in Three’s. Served on the rocks with Gin, Campari and Rose Martini. See how it should be done.

Aperol Sritz: The orange is unmistakable, a vibrant colour which lights up your toasts and adds joy to the moment. Everything else is brought to the table by the inner light-hearted spirit of the Aperol Spritz: the spirit that makes people spontaneously come together and sparks nothing but good times

Mojito: It simply wouldn’t be a cocktail bar without this one on the menu. Served in a high ball glass with local mint the Vault’s classic BACARDÍ Mojito is a refreshing Cocktail that’s sure to sweeten up your day and leave you feeling minted.

Tequila Sunrise: It makes me happy! The Tequila Sunrise is a cocktail made of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine syrup. Its garnished with an orange slice and served unmixed in a tall glass.

White Russian: Channel your inner dude with the classic Vault White Russian! Combining vodka, Kahlúa and milk and served over crushed ice makes this one a delicious alternative to adult milkshakes. We also serve an Oat Milk White Russian for Vegans or those who are lactose intolerant.

Pornstar Martini: The Pornstar Martini is one of the most popular cocktails in the UK and is viewed as a modern classic. The pPornstar Martini is a cold, passion fruit-flavoured cocktail made with vanilla-flavoured vodka, Passoã, and passion fruit juice. At the Vault it is accompanied by a chilled shot glass of prosecco.

Espresso Martini: If you haven’t tried the Espresso Martini with Yallah coffee, you simply haven’t tried one at all. This cold, coffee-flavoured cocktail made with vodka, espresso coffee, coffee and sugar syrup is an instant classic.

Cosmopolitan: The Cosmopolitan cocktail is a beautiful reddish-pink gem of a drink. It features citron vodka with fruit juice and Cointreau and lime.

View our drinks menu for a full list of out cocktails, wines, beers and spirits.

Vegan Food Penzance

Penzance Vegan Food

The best Vegan food in Penzance

If your looking for Vegan food in Penzance then you have come to the right place. The Vault is a must-visit for vegans and non-vegans heading to Penzance. It was set up three locals, one of which is a vegan and another is a celiac. With an impressive tapas and big plate menu, many of our plates can be made vegan or vegetarian.  

A menu for everyone

We have put together a menu where vegans and vegetarians looking to eat out in Penance will be spoilt for choice. We offer lactose free options as well. All of our tapas dishes can be made with Vegan cheese and we take great pride in sourcing local fruit and veg to help make our menu even more tasty. Our infamous Vault Burger can also be ordered with a vegan burger and marinated Portobello mushroom. 

Make a booking

If you would like to make a booking simply call us on 01736 691081. You really will be spoilt for choice, whether its vegan tapas, a big plate, or a vegetarian option, we will accommodate you. We will be happy to take a booking and you will be welcomed the moment you walk in through the door. We look forward to seeing you soon.

We love our Vegan Menu

There are not many places in Penzance that offer an extensive menu for Vegans. We have made sure that we have Big Plates and Tapas options for vegetarians, vegan, lactose intolerant and gluten free diets. You can download our menu to have a look. If you need any more advice or would like to ask any questions about our menu, please call us as we are always happy to help.

Well we always look to source local products, we are always asked ‘What is that Vegan Cheese that you are using?’ Here is a link to the vegan cheese we use here at the Vault.

Book A Table